“Leave No Tree Standing”

“I don’t think the politicians will be happy until they have paved over & developed every square inch of this state! How much money has to be wasted before they find out that spending more money for more Industrial Parks and infrastructure will be wasted. MAKE USE OF WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY GOT! At last count there are 207++ Industrial Parks in this state-ALL WITH VACANT UNUSED LOTS, BUILDINGS & SPEC BUILDINGS! I would love to see the study that tells us how much of OUR MONEY is tied up in these blunders. “If you build it they will come…” I don’t think so, that was just a movie, NOT REAL LIFE!” Only when the last tree, plant, animal, fish & reptile are gone and the water, ground and air are poisoned will they discover, “You can’t eat money!”


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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