Somerset Bypass bisected a farmer’s field!

“I would like for people to see the mess the core drillers did to my aunts farm in Somerset, Ky. It is awful and they didn’t have to do that kind of damage to her farm land. I am going to video tape the damage and also make pictures of it in hopes that it can be used to fight against I 66 being built.”
“Core Drillers are the people that the state has contracted to drill holes in the land and get soil and rock samples. These pictures were just where they came in to survey the land, they didn’t even drill there. They came in to put the flags up and tore the top soil off the hay fields and cut ruts in the field and they were going to drill down there and my aunt wouldn’t let them because she let them drill on another piece of her farm and they tore up the land so bad that she made them fix it and she won’t let them back on the other part. It sure messed up her pasture and hay fields. A video is also available.”


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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