I-69 NAFTA Highway

(We Need To Stop the).. Departments of Transportation and their environmentally, fiscally, and socially destructive road building agenda.

The situation is the same in the various states around our region (and the rest of the country for that matter): horrendous road projects, with the various state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) at the helm. These agencies, with their political and corporate
allies, are bent on paving over everything we love, and changing our lives forever. I feel very passionate about trying to stop these agencies from any more unwanted construction.

Earlier this week, we all heard the announcement of the “preferred” alternative for I-69. This NAFTA highway, a gift to the intermodal transportation corporations and their allies in Congress, would (WON’T!) go straight through the heart of rural southern Indiana, my
home. I think the timing is perfect to launch a new organizing effort, one that would stretch across states and include people around the region.

Perhaps we can form a coalition, and get together to share strategies, stories, and insights on what has worked, what hasn’t, how to organize, how to lobby, do open records requests, etc.

To my knowledge, there has never been a broad coalition like this one, focused on fighting unwanted highways and roads. Let’s do it!
Many unwanted road projects are being put on a fast track by the Bush administration. I feel strongly that we need to act quickly.


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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