I-66 Why isn’t NO BUILD an option?

“I attended the meeting on 2/4/03. On the survey forms sent out by the KTC, the “NO BUILD” option was not listed so the respondents did not have the option to comment on NO BUILD. This resulted in skewed data saying that most or all respondents are in favor of this road & agree with the “Core Criteria” developed by the Citizens Committee. In the committee meetings, the leaders do state that the NO BUILD option is still on the table, but the participants are steered towards discussing the building of this road. Again the KTC is gathering more data to show that this road should be built. That’s really what the citizens Committee is all about, they are nothing more than “puppets” for the KTC. If people really think this billion dollar road will attract tourists and improve the quality of their lives, they need to read the “Economically Justified” Report posted on this website to learn the real truth”


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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