I-69 NAFTA Highway

(We Need To Stop the).. Departments of Transportation and their environmentally, fiscally, and socially destructive road building agenda.

The situation is the same in the various states around our region (and the rest of the country for that matter): horrendous road projects, with the various state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) at the helm. These agencies, with their political and corporate
allies, are bent on paving over everything we love, and changing our lives forever. I feel very passionate about trying to stop these agencies from any more unwanted construction.

Earlier this week, we all heard the announcement of the “preferred” alternative for I-69. This NAFTA highway, a gift to the intermodal transportation corporations and their allies in Congress, would (WON’T!) go straight through the heart of rural southern Indiana, my
home. I think the timing is perfect to launch a new organizing effort, one that would stretch across states and include people around the region.

Perhaps we can form a coalition, and get together to share strategies, stories, and insights on what has worked, what hasn’t, how to organize, how to lobby, do open records requests, etc.

To my knowledge, there has never been a broad coalition like this one, focused on fighting unwanted highways and roads. Let’s do it!
Many unwanted road projects are being put on a fast track by the Bush administration. I feel strongly that we need to act quickly.

I-66 Opposition Attend Public Meeting

At least 50 local residents who will possibly be displaced by I-66 attended the KTCCC meeting tonight in London. Every single one of them (with one exception) are for the NO BUILD option. They don’t want to move or destroy this area any further. The lone dissenter said, “That’s OK, let ’em build, I’ll sell them my land & move somewhere else.” He was told to expect at least $25,000 per acre, nothing less & watch out for land speculators! Representatives of KY Heartwood, Sierra Club & Rt 66 protested with signs that read “KICK 66,” “NO BUILD” and “FIGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

I-66 Why isn’t NO BUILD an option?

“I attended the meeting on 2/4/03. On the survey forms sent out by the KTC, the “NO BUILD” option was not listed so the respondents did not have the option to comment on NO BUILD. This resulted in skewed data saying that most or all respondents are in favor of this road & agree with the “Core Criteria” developed by the Citizens Committee. In the committee meetings, the leaders do state that the NO BUILD option is still on the table, but the participants are steered towards discussing the building of this road. Again the KTC is gathering more data to show that this road should be built. That’s really what the citizens Committee is all about, they are nothing more than “puppets” for the KTC. If people really think this billion dollar road will attract tourists and improve the quality of their lives, they need to read the “Economically Justified” Report posted on this website to learn the real truth”

We’re Broke!

“The State Government is going broke and we can’t afford to keep criminals in jail. I hear that education is in danger because of a lack of money. But we can afford to build a major highway to nowhere. I hear that the road will bring great things to us, like jobs and all around prosperity. I just want to know if all this prosperity will come from Somerset. That’s the only town that will be linked to London using 66 and it could be years before the rest of 66 is complete, if it is completed at all. I don’t think our government should spend so much money on 66 and then let prisoners out of jail because we cant afford to keep them there.”

Legislators actively working against their voters’ interests

“I think it is terrible to have a higway especially near Mammoth Cave National Park as I remember it back in 1959 when I visited there I can’t imagine why they would want to ruin the beautiful forest and National Park lands for an old stupid highway. Must be some Republican congressman with another stupid pork barrel project like some of the others that have been made that waste the tax payers money. A lot they care as they could be doing a lot for Medicare for us older folks and raise our Social Security so we can live like decent people instead of having to figure what we are going to have-prescription drugs or food.”

Steamrolling I-66 Project to the detriment of Kentucky residents living in poverty

I-66 – What a Waste!

I-66 BEING PUT ON FAST TRACK TO “STREAMLINE” THE BUILDING PROCESS-THAT’S NOT STREAMLINING-THAT’S STEAMROLLING! Good ole boy Hal & his pals Mitch & the Guv have managed to put the London-Somerset I-66 segment on the FEDERAL “PRIORITY” list. Doesn’t the Federal Government have much more pressing needs to spend OUR TAX DOLLARS on?