People of the US, & the states of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri & West Virginia, it is time to take action to stop the destruction of our natural environment & waste of funds through poorly planned road building projects! Join US! Post your opinions here, send letters to your local, state & national leaders & newspapers voicing your displeasure at the enormous wasteful expense of this atrocity against hard working taxpayers & the environment. Projections are estimated to cost $BILLIONS! This money is being shifted from funds available for repairing existing roads, educating our children, aiding our elderly & disabled & is allowing convicted felons to be set free! This is not just a local or state issue but a national one as America’s taxpayers will be footing this bill for this “Road to Nowhere.” I-66 will bulldoze a broad path through the central US  if  it  is not stopped. In KY from Paducah to Pikeville, plowing through the Daniel Boone National Forest & Mammoth Cave National Park which will impact many endangered species & the natural scenic beauty of KY. In IL through the Shawnee National Forest. With 2 major East-West interstates to the north & south of I-66, another east-west interstate is not needed.

Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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