Kentucky’s I-66 is a waste of funds, farms, forests, families, flora, fauna, fish and our future. It will destroy wildlife habitat, species, karst drainage areas, water & air qualilty. They want to build a 6 lane highway through one of the last best forested areas of the state. They want to bulldoze a path close to Mammoth Cave National Park and through the Daniel Boone National Forest and over the Wild and Scenic Rockcastle River. It will traverse karst drainage areas with a high risk for sinkholes and water contamination. This is not just a local issue but a national one, as these public lands belong to all Americans and our future generations. We are stewards of these lands. Our Public Lands should be held in trust for all people, not sold off to the highest bidder.

Public officials cannot prove a need for I-66. The total cost of this project is unknown, but projected to be around $10 billion, and that’s just Kentucky. What is the need for this road? It will run parallel between I-64 in northern Kentucky and I-40 in northern Tennessee. Both roads could be accessed from central Kentucky in less than a two hour drive. There is not much traffic on these existing interstates. The upgrading of State route 80 and the Hal Rogers (formerly Daniel Boone-doesn’t it make you sick?) Parkway has never been seriously considered. That might be way too cost effective. What would the cost difference be, in terms of cash as well as in terms of our land be to use existing roads as opposed to bulldozing through our National Forest & Lands? The price of gas is skyrocketing, who will drive on I-66? They want to pave paradise to put up a parking lot!

I-66 was an idea born in the 80’s. It was supposed to be a east-west interstate from Washington D.C. to Fresno, California. But a feasibility study found no need for the road. It should have been buried then. But thanks to Hal Rogers, who has been named “The Prince of Pork” by the Lexington Herald-Leader, I-66 was resurrected. Hal Rogers, who has brought billions of your tax dollars to the state of Kentucky to do great works and provide jobs for his supporters wants to spend billions of dollars for a road we don’t need. Meanwhile in the state of Kentucky, secondary roads are dangerous killers. I-66 will not make existing roads safer. These billions would be better spent upgrading these murderous roads that residents have to drive on. Most secondary roads have no shoulders and no lines. People cannot walk (or bike) along these roads safely. Accidents happen on a daily basis and people are killed.

Wht should we let “fat cat” politicians, land speculators, consultants & construction companies who only want to make money off road building projects destroy our farms, families, forests & future? If we don’t act & act soon, additional education, social services, prison, roads & other government cuts WILL be made & taxes WILL increase. Farms will be destroyed & families will be uprooted from their homes, many having lived there for several generations. Further forest fragmentation will occur and irreplaceable woodlands will be gone forever…………..

Please take a stand against I-66. Phone, send letters, faxes, emails to ALL the newspapers, politicians & transportation officials telling them we DO NOT WANT to spend OUR money to build this needless wasteful road project. Encourage others to take action! Join our grass-roots effort to fight this needless wasteful road project. Urge officials in the transportation & highway departments to allocate funds to repair/improve existing roads rather than building new ones that harm, not enhance our surroundings. We need you to join us! Please click on the link JOIN US to sign the petition and/or donate. No money is needed to join, just sign our petition! We need your “presence” more than your presents! Send us your comments for our opinions page. Email, call or write your editors & local, state and national officials speaking out against I-66.
We can’t do it without YOU!

Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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