I-66 is an example of fraud, waste, and abuse

The same crowd that OKd the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska are the ones that are behind I-66. Based on the estimated traffic volume, there may be more traffic per million dollars on that Alaska bridge than on I-66.

Our Congressman is demonstrating that he can waste money in the same league as our President — I-66 can only divert traffic from KY-80 at 1000 times the cost. It reminds me of the farm that had two windmills. There wasn’t enough wind for two, so they took one down. We don’t have enough traffic on KY 80, so we’d better build a superhighway! There’s already a little-used parkway between Somerset and I-65, so we sure do need another one!

I-66 is an example of fraud, waste, and abuse. The fraud is the claim that the new Interstate is needed for safety and for existing traffic. The waste is more than a billion dollars of our tax money for I-66 by a government that is $9 trillion in debt. The abuse is the insult that people are so stupid as to want a new road when the ones we have are deteriorating.

I-66 is like Iraq — it will employ a lot of people, run us out of money, keep contractors getting rich for years, and inflate the ego of the Congressman who got us into this extravagant mess. It’s a monument to stupidity and profligacy, not a patriotic duty. Most Kentuckians know better.


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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