I-66 Comments

“I am firmly opposed to the Appalachian Corridor Segment of the proposed I-66 highway between US 23 south of Pikeville and the King Coal Highway in West Virginia. This is an uncomprehensible WASTE of land, money, and environmental resources that will most certainly adversely affect our environment, quality of life, and taxes by placing those unnecessary burdens on present and future generations.

Kentucky has a lot of catching up to do educationly, environmentaly, and economically. It makes no sense to squander billions of dollars on an expensive unneeded highway segment when untold miles of existing roadway are in need of repair and are not properly maintained. Try thinking outside the box, it seems wiser to iimprove current roads as needed instead of building new ones. This would benefit more people for less money thereby saving
state resources to address other essential services that make a real difference in everyones’ quality of life.

Return sanity to decision making by choosing the NO BUILD option. We can not afford this proposed I-66 welfare program for land speculators and highway contractors. NO BUILD is the only logical or viable alternative when all factors are honestly considered and evaluated. The federal government has determined I-66 unjustifiable and has no plans for a coast to coast highway through Kentucky or elsewhere. Now it’s time for the state to concur
with their wise conclusion. Because this project wastes land, tax dollars, and will adversely affect the environment by increasing noise, air, and water pollution as it creates new problems. Remember a paved-over and heavily polluted state that over-burdens taxpayers to fund pork projects is neither sought out or desirable as a place to live or visit.”

Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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