I-66, an unnecessary road

“I-66 an unnecessary road
My family has lived in Eastern Kentucky for almost 200 years. Lots of change in that time, especially in travel. The new roads built in the 1900s opened up the mountains and made trips shorter and easier. The roads eased a burden of isolation that prevented progress in education and jobs.
Route 80 is just such a highway. The trip from Pikeville to Somerset now takes much less time and is widely used by personal autos and trucks loaded with coal and lumber. It has not eased the unemployment in the mountains and that region still lags the rest of the country.
Now there is a proposal to build I-66 from the Kentucky border to Somerset. One of the stated objectives is to create jobs. Other than jobs for construction, there is no data that support this will happen. The existing highway is in place and would work, if it would be maintained adequately.
For all those who complain about tax burdens by government, this is a chance to stop an unnecessary road, prevent damage to a unique area of our state, and force the politicians to focus on the real reasons why we still need jobs.”


Author: kick66

Alliance against the wasteful I-66 construction in Kentucky.

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